How Weight Loss Helps People with Depression

Before I go any further, I want to clarify that depression can happen to anyone – whether you are healthy, obese, or underweight. Depression is a very sensitive issue that has to be dealt with care. What this article aims to do, however, is give suggestions on how one can fight depression using weight loss methods that equate to a healthy lifestyle.

Let me begin by telling you a story about a friend of mine who has battled with depression for the most part of her life. My friend’s parents were divorced and were terrible to each other while they were married. As a child, she witnessed different kinds of abuse, which became baggage later on in her life. As a result of this “baggage”, she did not take care of her health. She was overweight when I met her although she appeared to be cheerful on the surface. None of us could tell she was battling depression.

It was only when she was hospitalized after attempting suicide that we found out about her issues. She tried to drink too many sleeping pills and was discovered just in time to be rushed to the hospital. As her friend, we felt terrible for not even knowing.

After so many sessions with her psychiatrist, she talked to me one day and asked me about the yoga classes that I was taking. I was so glad that she finally considered taking yoga since it was something that I told her about.

It was amazing how things turned around for her in the next six months or so. Not only did she finally talk to us about her problems. She also lost a lot of weight after months of doing yoga, diet, and exercise. Now, she is starting her own motivational website to help people who are battling with depression like she did.

The moral of the story is that one can come out of depression. My friend says there are days when she still feels sad like before. But then, she also understands now that there is more to life than wallowing in her own sadness. When she feels like she is going down that path again, she exercises or practices yoga and then she is reminded of how empowered she has become.

Weight loss, in this case, is a result of her yoga practice and constant exercise. It was not what she has set out to do. She was advised by her psychiatrist to be active and engaged to what life has to offer. According to her, it was the best advice she ever received. 

While weight loss was not her goal, her weight did contribute to her depression. At the same time, her weight was a reflection of how little she thought about herself. Once she started caring about what she was eating, she felt better about herself. Exercise has made her feel empowered as well since it reminds her of how she has control over her emotions and thoughts.

It turned out well for my friend. However, there are people who are still suffering the same problem. If you know anyone who is going through depression, help them live a healthy lifestyle. Be their exercise buddy. This will not only save a friend. It will also keep you fit and healthy.