About me

My name is Barry Adams, I work in a Real Estate company and this space is not about real estate LOL! It is all about sharing ideas, thoughts, and resources. I live in Ontario, Canada with my longtime fiancée, Sara – a beautiful, kind educator and writer. She encourages me to do blogging and share my epic journey in weight loss to the world.

I met her when I still have my flabby tummy but then I decided to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle for our health sake. Amazingly, with her support, I lose around 60 pounds and felt great about it and still am! I love coffee, music, and running.

I hope by being here, you will be motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and realized its positive effects in your future as you grow old. Do not be hesitated to leave a comment or share your stories. I would love to hear responses from people around the world! Thanks!