Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

There is no truth to “I’m so busy, I can’t exercise”. You don’t have to go to the gym to do your cardio or weights. In fact, gym equipment is simulations of what we actually do in real life to exercise. A treadmill, for example, simulates walking or jogging. If you walk or jog on your way to the office, you are basically exercising.

The trick for busy people to exercise is to integrate busyness with exercise and weight loss. For example, instead of using the lift to get to your floor, why don’t you use the stairs? This is basic cardio that will help you burn calories while on your way to the office. Of course, if your office is at the 100th level, using the stairs all the way from the first level may not be a good idea. Instead, you can stop a couple of floors below your level and take the stairs from there.

Another way of integrating exercise into your daily routine is to step out of the bus a couple of blocks away from your office. If you have a car, you can do the same by parking a couple of blocks from where you are supposed to be headed.

Of course, these suggestions require patience and discipline. You will need to wake up earlier so you have time to use the stairs or walk a couple of blocks on your way to the office. These sacrifices, however, are nothing compared to the benefits of exercise to your health.

Finding Time for your Health

When someone tells me that he or she is too busy to go to the gym, I wonder how long and how often they intend to stay at the gym. A 30 minute run at the treadmill every other day is enough to keep your body healthy. I wonder why some people cannot spare that short amount of time for their health.

In fact, you do not have to go to the gym every day. The study shows that 2 sessions of hardcore workout a week is enough for a dramatic weight loss. You need to give your muscles a break as well so going to the gym more often than necessary is not advisable either.

In terms of benefits, exercising actually helps you become more efficient with your job. It also reduces the stress that you get out of the demands that are expected of you. More importantly, joining a gym takes your mind off of work. This way, you are living a holistic life and not just focus all your precious energy on your job.   

The answer really is on how much motivation you have to be healthy. There are always excuses for things we don’t want to do. On the other hand, we will cross mountains and oceans for things that we really want to do.

If the only thing that’s keeping you away from a healthy lifestyle is time, perhaps you should consider how much more time you gain by investing more on your health than on your job. Your boss or your job will not save you when you get sick.